What types of goods can you ship overseas?

We can ship almost any type of consignment from the UK to just about anywhere in the world. Commercial freight, household removals, excess baggage, cars & motorbikes, fine art and antiques and show & exhibition equipment are just some of the commodities we regularly ship around the world for our customers. No matter how unusual the shipment, call one of our shipping consultants on 01604 926201 for a quotation.

Who can ship goods from the UK?

If you are a private individual then you are free to ship your own personal goods, or items that you are selling, from the UK without any special permission from customs.

If you are a business then you will need to be a legally registered exporter with an EORI number before you can send any goods to a country outside of the European Union. For more information about EORI please see the HM Customs Website or contact one of our experienced shipping team.

What documentation will I need to supply?

For commercial shipments we will generally require a commercial invoice and packing list. If you do not have these then we can supply template documents which you can complete with your specific information. For some countries – in particular those in the middle east – we will require proof of the country the goods were manufactured in.

For personal shipments of household goods, excess baggage or vehicles, we will need a copy of the photo page of your passport plus any relevant visa or work permit. Some countries will require a completed customs form – our staff will supply these and assist you with correctly completing them.

What happens at destination?

Commercial shipments can either be left at the port of arrival for your buyer to arrange local customs clearance and collection – or our local partner can arrange this on their behalf and deliver the consignment to their premises. Generally we will provide a quotation for both options so that you can negotiate this directly with your buyer.

Personal shipments are usually fully customs cleared and delivered to your new home. In some countries it is possible for us to leave the goods at the port for you to collect yourself – please check with one of our shipping team if you require this service.

Can you store my shipment before shipping?

Yes. For personal shipments our charges for pre-shipment storage are clearly detailed in our shipping quotation. Your goods will be held at our secure UK premises for as long as needed and then released for shipment.

For commercial shipments we offer a full range of warehousing and distribution facilities. We can receive numerous items from separate sources and consolidate into one shipment, arrange secure lashing of cargo onto shipping pallets or into wooden packing cases and distribute imported goods throughout the UK. Our in-house software system will keep you up-to-date with ‘on hand’ lists and can produce consolidated commercial invoices for customs purposes.

Can you insure my shipment during transit?

Yes! We offer Marine Transit insurance to all shippers for your protection and peace of mind. In the extremely unlikely event of loss or damage to your shipment this will cover repairs or replacements to your goods.

Personal shippers will need to complete our Marine Insurance proposal form. One of our shipping consultants will supply this and assist you with completing it if necessary.

Commercial shippers need only supply a commercial invoice as this will include the relevant information required to arrange cover.

Please note that certain items cannot be insured, or have special restrictions placed upon them. Please check with one of our shipping team should you be unclear about whether any particular restrictions will apply to your shipment.

Will you collect my shipment in the UK?

Yes, if you need us to. We offer nationwide next-day collection of excess baggage and commercial freight shipments. Household removals can usually be arranged next day for self packed items – or with 2 to 3 days notice if you require our professional export packing service. If you prefer you may deliver your shipment directly to us using your own transport.

How long will my shipment take to arrive?

The transit time for your shipment will be clearly indicated in our shipping quote. Transit times indicate the time taken to arrive at the destination port of arrival. Exact times for customs clearance will depend on the destination country and the type of commodity being shipped – our shipping consultants will be able to give specific advice.