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Freight Documentation

The list below represents all of our standard documentation for freight export shipments. You may need to complete one or more of these forms depending upon the nature of your freight. If you are unsure whether you need to complete any of these documents then please check with on of our dedicated freight advisers.

Relevant documents should be completed and returned to us BEFORE shipment so that our one of our freight team can check them carefully.

Packing List
All international freight shipments should be accompanied by a packing list. This should detail number of packages and their contents. It does NOT need to state values as these would be detailed on a commercial invoice.

Commercial Invoice

All international freight shipments should be accompanied by a commercial invoice. This should give a clear description of the goods, the price they are being sold for and details of the shipper and consignee. If the shipper is a VAT registered business then the relevant VAT number should be included under the shippers name & address.



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