Shipping to Dubai

Ship Goods to Dubai and Abu Dhabi with Rapid Shipping

Shipping to Dubai doesn’t need to be costly. Your international shipping company, Rapid Shipping is on hand to safely deliver your personal effects and valuable items from the UK directly to Dubai, in safe hands. Whether it’s a single, individual item, your car or a part-load container shipping, we do it all. 

We’ll use our expertise to assess your goods and determine the best mode of transport for your items. By doing so, we’ll be able to offer you the best price for your Dubai shipment.

Shipping Time to Dubai

The average transit time it takes to ship, country to country, depends on the mode of transport, from the UK to Dubai:

  • Sea freight – 4 weeks
  • Partial load container shipping – 6 weeks
  • Air freight – 1-2 days

The suggested times above depend entirely on how long customs clearance takes. Total delivery time would also be extended if you require the load to be delivered to a specific following customs duty. Please ensure your shipment load and items comply with the customs authorities’ regulations in your destination country, this includes not transporting any restricted items to ensure a smooth journey through customs. 

We’ll help you organise and prepare any shipping documents needed to ensure a smooth journey through customs. 

Shipping Costs to Dubai

Our professional teams work tirelessly to provide the cheapest shipping service possible for your cargo. However, international shipping can be difficult at times, and cheap shipping can’t always be guaranteed.

Factors that impact the cost of shipping include:

  • The mode of transportation –air freights are more expensive than sea
  • Your container load: whether it’s a full load or part-load container shipping 
  • The size and weight of your cargo

You can contact our shipping team on 01604 926201 or complete the shipping quote request form to get an accurate price. 

Shipping Goods to Dubai

We offer same-day collection and shipping day services for both our shipping methods, whether it’s air freight services or sea shipping. We deliver the container right to your home and give you the option to load it yourself. Or our team is on hand to load it on your behalf to make the packing and shipping process that little bit easier.

We also take care of documentation and can obtain Certificate of Origin documents from the Chamber of Commerce.

Shipping Boxes to Dubai

Our additional services like our UK to Dubai courier services allow you to send small parcels or single items for local Dubai delivery. For peace of mind, we supply shipping boxes and bubble wrap for fragile items. These boxes are free – you only have to pay for the shipping cost. Alternatively, you can ship your own small boxes, suitcases, etc.

These shipping boxes can be collected daily throughout the UK and can be shipped either by air or sea.

If your box arrives early, we can keep it safe in one of our Dubai storage units.

Shipping Furniture to Dubai

For house moves to the United Arab Emirates, we can provide international shipments for your furniture and household items. Our services cover a wide range of areas within Dubai and Abu Dhabi including Ras Al-Khaimah, Jebel Ali, Umm Al-Quwain and many more. Our professional packing service means that we will organise and take care of wrapping your furniture for full protection in transit, providing our door-to-door, safe delivery, delivery service.

Our Dubai-based partners will ensure your belongings arrive safely at your new home, reducing any risk of damage.

We can even ship your car from port to port for stress-free transportation.

Free Quotations and Shipping Advice

We’re always happy to offer a free instant quote, our friendly team are always on hand to give shipping advice. Whether you’re sending a book or your complete household contents, we have you covered with our free quotation service for peace of mind. 

If you need specific shipping information, contact us today by calling our shipping team on 01604 926201 or complete the shipping quote request form today to receive your shipping quote. 

For awareness and details of the strict rules or just some friendly advice on sending prohibited items please contact us today for a detailed list.