Shipping to Bahrain

Sea and Air Freight Shipping to Bahrain with Rapid Shipping

Rapid Shipping are a market leader in shipping to Bahrain. Whether you are shipping household goods or commercial freight to Bahrain, we have a shipping method to suit you. Full or part containers by sea and daily airfreight delivery to Bahrain. 

With over 20 years of experience in shipping to Bahrain and a well-established network of local delivery agents, we have the local know-how to handle all paperwork and customs duty formalities. We pride ourselves on offering competitive pricing, 

Shipping Services and Transit Times to Bahrain

Shipping time from the UK to Bahrain is around 4 weeks for goods shipped by sea in a dedicated shipping container. For goods sent in a part-load container, the average delivery time to Bahrain is around 6 weeks. Part load times are not guaranteed in advance, so we always recommend that you check in advance with our team for our latest shipping schedule to Bahrain before planning delivery to Bahrain. A more affordable shipping rate than our more express air freight service which is detailed below. 

Air shipping time to Bahrain is around 1 – 2 days. We offer daily departures from major UK airports so delivery time from the UK to Bahrain is normally no longer than 3 days.

As with any country, the exact shipping time from the UK to Bahrain will depend upon the time taken for customs clearance in Bahrain. Air shipments will normally be delivered in Bahrain within 1 – 2 days of arrival. For sea shipments to Bahrain, customs clearance and delivery would normally be complete within one week.

For more specific information regarding shipping times, to check our part load shipping schedule for Bahrain or for a free detailed quote, please contact our team on 01604 926201.

Shipping Costs to Bahrain

The cost of shipping to Bahrain will depend upon the type and size of your shipment, and whether it is shipped by sea or air. For shipments sent by sea, the shipping cost will also depend on whether your goods are shipped as a part load or a full load shipment.

Air shipping costs to Bahrain are based on a combination of the dimensions and weight of your consignment. It is important that this information is accurate in order for us to prepare an exact quotation for your air freight costs.

Sea shipping to Bahrain can be on either a full-load or part load basis. For goods sent as a full load, shipping costs are based on a lump sum for an entire shipping container, and will not vary, no matter how full or empty the container is. For goods sent as a part load, the shipping cost will depend upon the amount of space your goods take up in the container, this is a great, cheap shipping option if you are sending a limited amount of goods. It is therefore important that you have accurate sizes of your goods for shipment so we can prepare an accurate quotation for your shipping costs.

To get exact shipping costs to Bahrain, please contact one of our shipping team on 01604 926201 or complete the shipping quote request form on this page. 

Commercial Shipping to Bahrain

For commercial exporters shipping goods to Bahrain we provide a full range of export facilities. Daily collections throughout the UK with air shipping and sea shipping options. 

We have regular part-load shipping schedule to Bahrain with weekly departures to minimise Bahrain shipping times for commercial shipping. For larger consignments of shipping goods to Bahrain, we will deliver a container directly to your premises for you to load. If you prefer we can send one of our specialist loading crews to pack your shipping goods into the container.

Our network of Bahrain-based customs agents will ensure that all customs formalities are handled smoothly and we will handle all necessary documentation. We can obtain Certificate of Origin documents directly from the Chamber of Commerce on a ‘same day’ basis to ensure your goods are shipped as quickly as possible.

We are happy to help and advise on customs requirements and help advise on the customs documents you will need. Please be aware your goods may be liable for customs charges. For more information on shipping goods to Bahrain, please contact our shipping team on 01604 926201 or complete the shipping quote request form.

Shipping Boxes to Bahrain

Need to ship boxes from the UK to Bahrain? With our parcel delivery service, we supply free shipping boxes and bubble wrap, daily collections throughout the UK, and ‘per box’ shipping costs to Bahrain. Choose from either air shipping or sea shipping to Bahrain with daily departures by air and a regular sea shipping schedule. We can also ship your own boxes, bags, suitcases and other small items to Bahrain acting as your local courier service in Bahrain. We offer free UK storage to all our customers’ shipping boxes, so we can ship your boxes to coincide with your arrival in Bahrain.

  • Unlimited free shipping boxes, tape and bubble wrap
  • Ship our boxes or ship your own boxes, bags & suitcases
  • Daily collections throughout the UK
  • Regular sailing schedule to Bahrain
  • Prices are ‘per box’ so you know exactly what your shipping costs will be
  • Online tracking
  • Fully comprehensive transit insurance available


To find out the cost of shipping boxes to Bahrain or to discuss your box shipping requirements in more detail, please complete the quote request form or call us on 01604 926201 and speak to our shipping team about costs for shipping boxes to Bahrain. 

Shipping Furniture to Bahrain

From a few selected pieces of furniture to a full household removal with cars – we handle furniture shipping to Bahrain for thousands of satisfied customers every year on our bespoke service. Our expert packing teams will carefully wrap your furniture items in your home and create a full customs inventory. A complete door-to-door service means we handle all aspects of customs clearance in Bahrain. Our local partner will deliver your furniture and household goods directly to your new home in Bahrain, unpack and remove the debris at the delivery address if you wish. We provide full transit insurance for your peace of mind and protection.

  • Choose our full export packing service or pack your own boxes
  • Choice of full or part-load shipments to suit your budget
  • Shipped in secure steel containers under customs seal
  • Regular sailings to Bahrain with onward delivery throughout the country
  • All customs clearance and paperwork handled – full door-to-door service
  • Furniture delivered to your new Bahrain home and unwrapped
  • Comprehensive transit insurance
  • Storage available in the UK or Bahrain

Car Shipping to Bahrain

Wondering how to ship your car to Bahrain? We offer a choice of container shipping or roll-on roll-off car shipping to Bahrain. Our regular car shipping schedule means weekly departures for Bahrain and we can arrange full transit insurance for your peace of mind. For high-value or non-running cars, we can collect them from your home or office and deliver to the port directly.

When you import your car into Bahrain we provide a choice of full customs clearance or a door-to-port service where you can collect your car directly.

  • Roll-On Roll-Off or Containerised car shipping
  • Weekly shipping schedule to Bahrain
  • Nationwide collection service
  • Secure UK storage available
  • Full car customs clearance service
  • Comprehensive transit insurance

For the cheapest car shipping costs and up-to-date shipping schedules to Bahrain, please call one of our car shipping team on 01604 926201 or complete the shipping quote request form and we will contact you directly. 

Free Quotations and Shipping Advice

For a free, instant quote or to speak to our friendly team who are always happy to give shipping advice to anyone, contact us today on 01604 926201

If you need a specific shipping time to Bahrain or any other location or want specific shipping costs for your individual project or relocation, just give one of our team a call. 

It’s helpful if you know specific details of what you are sending – but don’t worry if you don’t have all the information as we will always help as much as possible and the gaps can be filled in later. 

For a full list of items that are ok to send to Bahrain and a list of restricted items please contact us.