Shipping excess baggage is easy and convenient with Rapid Shipping. We ship boxes, bags, suitcases, and other small items from China to the UK. With free shipping boxes, door-to-door delivery, and nationwide collection, we offer the complete service to make your move from China to the UK easier than ever.

We have extensive experience with shipping excess baggage and can help you with customs clearance and import duties. Avoid the excess baggage fees by using a trusted shipping partner. Contact our team today to find out more or visit our China shipping services page to see more ways we can help.

Send baggage from China to the UK

If you are looking for ways to send baggage from China to the UK, we offer numerous options, with comprehensive services to suit your needs. At Rapid Shipping, we understand how important it is to know exactly what will happen to your excess baggage when you have gone over your baggage allowance. This is why we offer:

  • Nationwide same-day/next-day collection
  • Free UK storage for up to a month, with competitive rates for long-term storage available
  • Comprehensive insurance to give you complete peace of mind
  • Guidance on customs fees, customs duties, and documentation, as well as importing from China to the UK

The Rapid Shipping team is here to help you. We offer bespoke quotes to suit your needs and budget, so contact the team on 01604 926201 to find out more.

Free shipping boxes

When shipping from China to the UK, excess baggage sometimes takes up more space. We supply free shipping boxes, as well as bubble wrap and packing tape, to your door the next working day. This ensures you have the supplies to securely pack your shipping baggage.

We also offer different strength boxes to suit your needs, with plywood shipping cases for more delicate items, such as paintings or TVs. With a blank packing inventory for you to use, this not only helps you clear customs but ensures you know exactly what is packed. Our expert packing team can also help for a small fee.

Next-day collection

Your excess baggage can be collected the next day with our free next-day collection services. The items are then returned to our depot for immediate shipping to prevent any delays. This is ideal for sending small items which can be lifted by one man. We cover the entirety of China including Hong Kong and surrounding areas.

Air, sea, and road shipping

Air freight is the fastest way to ship airline excess baggage from China to the UK. Your boxes are dispatched on the next available flight, with access to all major airlines to ensure maximum availability for your shipment. You can collect your items from the airport or choose our luggage delivery service, where we will deliver your excess luggage straight to your door.

For sending larger or less urgent excess baggage shipments, sea or road freight might be the best option. Boxes and excess baggage can be shipped in large containers. Once received at its destination, our local partner will transport the boxes to your home or business, as required. This is the cheapest option and helps to reduce excess baggage charges.

Free UK storage

Many countries, including the UK, require you to be present when your excess baggage from China arrives. We offer up to one month of free storage before shipment to ensure that you can be present when your baggage arrives, especially if you are travelling beforehand.

Our team of overseas partners are available on 01604 926201 to discuss your needs, and to tell you more about our competitive rates for long-term storage, should you need this before shipping.

China-to-UK excess baggage shipping with Rapid Shipping

Rapid Shipping has weekly shipping schedules for sending excess baggage from China to the UK, and daily collections for air freight. Our team can help you with the formalities such as customs clearance, import duties, and other areas. They can also offer advice on the best items to send, whether this is sports equipment, household items, or bulky items.

Call the team now on 01604 926201 to discuss your China-to-UK excess baggage shipping needs, find the best option for your baggage, and get a quote customised for you. Shipping excess baggage to the UK from China has never been easier.

Find out more about China to UK excess baggage costs

The excess baggage rates vary depending on numerous factors. The size of the shipment, the shipment method, and the timeliness of your shipment’s arrival will change the costs. At Rapid Shipping, we offer different methods to help you find the best for your budget. Get a bespoke quote today by completing the form below.


Ship excess baggage China to UK FAQs

What items can be shipped as excess baggage from China to the UK?

The vast majority of personal items can be shipped as excess baggage. This includes clothing, electronics, personal effects and more. Hazardous materials and restricted items could be prohibited, depending on the destination country. For advice, contact Rapid Shipping today on 01604 926201.

Can you track China-to-UK excess baggage?

Rapid Shipping is one of the trusted shipping companies offering tracking services for excess baggage shipments. This gives you complete peace of mind over where your shipment is, so you know exactly when to expect your shipment to arrive in the UK from China.

When you send baggage from China to the UK, what documents do you need?

Having the necessary documents and paperwork ready for your excess baggage shipment will make it easier to clear customs and complete your import duties. Typically, the documentation includes a packing inventory list, the waybill, and a valid ID for collection.