How is my car shipped?

We offer two different options for shipping cars. For many destinations we offer a roll-on roll-off service from ports around the UK. You deliver your car directly to the port where it is driven directly onto a large car shipping vessel. At the other end the car will be driven off onto the quayside for you to collect.

For destinations not served by a roll-on roll-off service, or for vehicles requiring more security, the car is loaded into a steel shipping container at our depot. The container is then transferred by road to the port of exit. At destination the container is transferred to our local partners depot where your car is unloaded ready for you to collect.

 Can I put goods inside my vehicle?

Cars shipped by roll-on roll-off service must not have any personal effects stored inside them. Cars sent inside a container may be loaded with personal goods providing they are bagged or boxed and detailed on a numbered packing list. If you have a little too much to fit in your car we can build a timber wall behind it, allowing you to use the remaining space in the container to load items.

Can you insure my car during shipment?

Yes! We offer comprehensive marine transit insurance to protect your vehicle during shipment. Our insurance protects against all risks of loss or damage during transit and cover commences from the time of receipt at our depot to the time of handover to you at destination.

To arrange cover you will need to complete our marine insurance proposal form and return it to us prior to shipment.

What happens when I deliver my car?

Regardless of whether you deliver your car to our depot for containerised shipping or to the port for roll-on roll-off shipping, a representative will take receipt of the car and complete a detailed pre-shipment condition check. You will be asked to switch off any immobilizer or alarm system and leave keys with the vehicle. As the car will not be driven on public roads after delivery, you may remove the tax disc to return to DVLA for a partial refund.

 How much fuel should I leave in the car?

Marine transport regulations stipulate that vehicles must not have more than 1/4 of a tank of fuel during shipment. Please make sure that your car is not delivered with too much fuel in the tank. Unfortunately we are not able to drive cars on behalf of our customers to burn fuel and so are unable to accept vehicles which contain too much fuel.

What happens at the other end?

If your car is shipped by roll-on roll-off service then you will need to pay any local port charges and arrange customs clearance. You will then be able to collect the vehicle directly from the quay.

If your car is shipped by container then our agent will handle port formalities and customs clearance on your behalf. They will arrange to unload the container at their local depot ready for you to collect.

What charges will I have to pay overseas?

Most countries levy import duties and taxes on vehicle imports. If this is the case then you will need to pay these directly to customs before you will be allowed to collect your car. For specific guidance on levels of tax and duty please check our import guides for your specific destination or speak to one of our car shipping experts.

In some cases customs may elect to examine your vehicle prior to granting clearance. In this case you will be responsible for any x-ray or physical examination costs incurred.

What documentation do I need to ship my car?

We will need a copy of your v5c registration document as proof that you own the vehicle. We will also require a completed shipping instructions form, including your contact telephone number and email at destination.

If you are shipping any personal effects within the car then we will require a numbered packing list to accompany the goods.

Can you store my car prior to shipment?

Yes. We can arrange to store your car at our secure storage depot until you are ready for shipment. Please contact one of our car shipping team for a storage quote.

Do I need to be there when my car arrives?

In many countries, customs require you to arrive in the country prior to your vehicle arriving at the port. Our team of shipping experts will be able to give specific advice depending on your destination – or you can check our car import guides.

If you will not be in the country in time then we can arrange to store it in the UK prior to shipment and release it to coincided as closely as possible with your arrival.

Can you collect my car from my home or work?

Yes. We can offer a nationwide car collection service by car transporter. Our representative will complete the pre-shipment condition check at your home before loading the vehicle and delivering directly to our depot or port of exit. Please note that we will generally require 2 – 3 days notice to arrange home car collection.