Rapid Shipping offers several ways to safely ship your vehicles from China to the UK, including motorbikes, mopeds, scooters, and sidecars. Our secure shipping services ensure that your bike is taken care of and safely delivered to your home or place of business. When it comes to shipping companies, we pride ourselves on offering different shipping options and an excellent service every time.

Our motorcycle shipping experiences allow us to help you with customs clearance and import duties, and we have regular shipments to prevent delays in getting your motorbike to the UK from China. The Rapid Shipping team is available to help so contact the team or discover our complete China shipping services for more information.

Motorbike transport to the UK from China

Motorcycles require care and attention when shipping, which is why Rapid Shipping prides itself on our services. We are completely transparent with our offerings so you know that you are in safe hands. We offer:

  • Nationwide same-day/next-day collection
  • Different shipping methods to suit your needs and budget
  • Purpose-built wooden shipping cases for your motorcycle, helmet, and leathers
  • Comprehensive transit insurance for peace of mind
  • Guidance on customs fees, customs regulations, and documentation, as well as importing motorcycles from China to the UK
  • Additional services available

At Rapid Shipping, we offer bespoke quotes to suit your needs. Whether you are looking to send your motorcycle to the UK from China quickly or you are working on a restricted budget, we can help. Contact 01604 926201 to find out more and to speak to one of our shipping specialists.

Packing your motorcycle for shipping

All vehicles should be carefully packed and secured for transport, and your motorbike is no different. At Rapid Shipping, we will collect your motorcycle from your residence or place of work, or you can opt to deliver your bike to our depot to reduce costs.

We will carefully pack your motorcycle into a purpose-built wooden shipping case. This case has room for your helmet, leathers, and a few personal effects if you wish to ship them all together. Your bike will then be delivered to the port for immediate overseas shipping.

Sea freight motorcycle shipping

One of the most popular methods of shipping is sea freight. Sea freight is a cost-effective motorbike shipment method and is ideal if you do not need your bike immediately when you arrive in the UK from China.

Your crated motorbike will be loaded onto a steel shipping container alongside other customers’ shipments. You’ll receive confirmation of the sailing details to help track your motorbike, and our weekly sailings to all major ports means you can have your bike delivered to a destination convenient for you.

Air freight motorcycle shipping

If you are looking for a speedy shipment method, air freight motorcycle delivery is the way to go. Sending your motorcycle via air is the fastest method but can be more expensive than sea freight, but it is ideal if you need your bike sooner rather than later.

Your crated motorcycle will be sent directly to the airport and loaded immediately onto an aircraft. You’ll receive a copy of the air waybill with all of the flight dates and times so you can track your shipment with ease.

Comprehensive transit insurance

Your motorcycle is important, which is why Rapid Shipping offers comprehensive transit insurance to protect your bike. Our full marine transit insurance covers all motorcycles shipping to the UK from China to minimise the risk of damage and give you complete peace of mind knowing that your bike is in safe hands.

Customs clearance for your motorcycle

The Rapid Shipping team has extensive experience with customs clearance and import duties. Our local agents can arrange customs clearance on your behalf and collect your motorcycle when it arrives. Your bike is then ready to ride away.

You can also opt to handle customs duties yourself and collect the crated motorbike directly from the port to save money. If you have any questions about which method is right for you, you can speak to a member of the Rapid Shipping team on 01604 926201.

China-to-UK motorbike collections and delivery services from Rapid Shipping

At Rapid Shipping, we can collect and deliver your motorcycle to the appropriate airport or seaport for transport to the UK from China. Our secure services give you complete peace of mind, with our dedicated team of shipping specialists on hand to assist with import and customs clearance.

Have questions about the right shipping method for your motorbike? Call 01604 926201 to find out more. With regular China-to-UK motorbike collections and delivery services, your bike could be at your doorstep or nearest major airport ready for collection within just a few days.

Contact Rapid Shipping for China to UK motorcycle shipping costs

Rapid Shipping offers several methods for China to UK motorbike shipments, from air freight to sea freight. The costs of shipping your motorcycle to the UK from China will vary, depending on the shipment method used and other services. Get bespoke shipping quotes by completing the form below.


Shipping motorcycles from China to the UK FAQs

Can you ship personal items with your motorbike from China to the UK?

It is possible to ship some small personal items with your motorcycle, alongside your helmet and leathers. This is because Rapid Shipping carefully packs your bike into a purpose-built wooden crate. For further information on the types of items you can ship with your bike, call 01604 926201.

How long does China-to-UK motorbike shipping take?

Air freight is the fastest way to ship your motorbike from China to the UK, often completed within a few days. Sea freight can take between 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the type of shipment. Other factors such as weather conditions and customs processing can affect the delivery timeline.

Can you track motorcycle shipments to the UK from China?

At Rapid Shipping, we provide you with all of the shipment information to make tracking your motorbike easier. If you choose air freight, you’ll be given the flight information to track your bike. For sea freight, we’ll provide you with the shipment tracking information. Our dedicated team can answer your motorcycle shipment tracking questions so call on 01604 926201.