Car Shipping from China to the UK

With over two decades of experience in car shipping from China to the UK, Rapid Shipping is the best shipping partner for you. Our established network of local delivery agents, plus our extensive range of shipping services, will help you find the China to the UK car shipping option to suit your needs and your budget.

Our dedicated team can help you handle the paperwork and import duties, as well as customs formalities. We will securely transport your car from China to the UK, giving you complete peace of mind. Get a free car shipping quote online now or read more about our China shipping services.

Ship your car from China to the UK

At Rapid Shipping, we offer several options to ship your car from China to the UK. Whether you need your car to arrive quickly or you are looking for a secure option for limited budgets, we can help.

  • Nationwide same-day/next-day collection
  • Different car shipping options to suit your needs
  • Comprehensive transit insurance
  • Perfect for shipping working and non-starter cars
  • Guidance on customs fees, customs duties, and documentation, as well as importing cars from China to the UK

Our team are here to offer you advice and get you a bespoke quote for your China-to-UK car shipping needs. Contact the team to find out more about our services.

Roll-on roll-off car shipping

One of the most popular and cost-effective methods for shipping your car from China to the UK is roll-on roll-off car shipping. Your car is delivered directly to the port of departure and driven onto a large car shipping vessel, where it is securely lashed to the deck. We use all major ports including Hong Kong.

This shipping by sea method allows your car to be driven off the boat at the arrival port, so you can easily collect it. The vehicle must not contain any personal effects or other items within the vehicle for it to be securely transported.

Container car shipping

Containerised car shipping services offer additional protection to your car during shipment and means that you can keep personal effects or other items inside the car during shipping. There is also the possibility of storing other large items in the container with your car.

You deliver your car to our warehouse and we will then load it into a 20-foot steel shipping container. Once we have secured your car to the floor of the container, the doors are sealed shut with a numbered customs seal. Our local partner will then remove your car from the container and hand it over to you at the depot so you can drive it away.

Air freight cars

The fastest China-to-UK car shipping method is air freight. Air freight car delivery services arrive directly at Heathrow, making it easy for you to collect it. Like some other methods, cars must not contain personal goods or other items.

Your car is loaded onto a steel airline pallet and securely lashed down. After the security screening, your car will travel by air freight from China to the UK. Our local partners will then complete customs clearance and hand over your vehicle at the airport. If needed, we can also arrange delivery directly to your home or place of business.

Nationwide car collection

If your car doesn’t run or you can’t deliver it to the port of loading, we here at Rapid Shipping offer a nationwide car collection service. We will collect your car on a flatbed transporter, completing all paperwork with you then and there.

This is a popular service for prestige and high-value vehicles, as we can arrange collection using a fully covered car transporter. Contact our team on 01604 926201 to discuss your needs and we will help you find the perfect shipping option for your car.

How to import a car from China to the UK

If you are looking to import a car from China to the UK, Rapid Shipping can help. Our dedicated team have the knowledge and experience to transport your car safely and securely. Imported cars must complete customs clearance. They must also meet necessary registration and compliance requirements.

Only when the required procedures and documentation have been completed can the car be legally driven in the UK. At Rapid Shipping, we can handle the import process for you, making it easier for you to import your car to the UK from China.

Why choose Rapid Shipping for car shipping from China to the UK

With weekly shipping schedules to China and nationwide collection services, Rapid Shipping is your trusted partner for importing cars from China to the UK. Our experienced team can help you with customs clearance and import duties, supporting you throughout the process.

Our comprehensive transit insurance means you enjoy a stress-free and straightforward shipping experience. Call Rapid Shipping on 01604 926201 to find out about our car shipping options and to choose the best one for your needs.

Get a quote for China to UK car shipping costs

At Rapid Shipping, we offer a range of different services to securely ship your car from China to the UK. Request a custom quote or request further information about shipping prices by completing the form below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Car Shipping from China to the UK FAQs

How long does shipping a car from China to the UK take?

The shipping time for cars from China to the UK varies, depending on the chosen shipment method. Sea freight could take 6 weeks, while part-load sea freight could take 8 weeks. Air freight is the fastest option and could be completed within 1-5 days.

What documentation is required for car shipping from China to the UK?

You’ll need a range of documents to successfully import your car from China to the UK. These will likely include the vehicle title, a valid ID, proof of ownership, customs paperwork, and more. A trusted shipping company, such as Rapid Shipping, can help you with the requirements for your particular vehicle and shipment.

How much does it cost to ship a car from China to the UK?

Shipping costs vary depending on several factors, including the shipping method chosen, the size of the vehicle, and any additional services you may request, such as the shipping of personal effects and other items. Rapid Shipping will give you a custom quote depending on your requirements so call 01604 926201 today.