Rapid Shipping are a leading UK shipping company and ship thousands of household and commercial shipments around the world every year including Europe. From a couple of extra items of luggage which won’t fit on the plane, to an entire factory full of equipment and stock relocating to Europe – we can handle any shipment to just about anywhere in the world.
We offer a range of specialist packing and shipping services to Europe depending on your exact requirements. Household shipments benefit from our range of FREE packing boxes and export furniture blankets. Larger consignments benefit from our professional packing services. Commercial shipments to Europe can be professionally packed and cased at our depot or shipped directly from your premises if preferable. Our expert case-makers can construct wooden shipping cases of any size and configuration for fragile goods.
All of our people have extensive knowledge of the shipping industry and can offer expert advice tailored to suit your exact situation. Whether you are a first time exporter to Europe or looking for information on how to get your product to new markets, or an experienced worldwide mover looking for the best price for your next international relocation – you’ll find we have the knowledge you need.
So no matter what you have to ship to Europe, contact one of our shipping team on 01604 926201 for free advice and an instant quotation.


Shipping to Cyprus

Air Freight to Switzerland

Air Freight to Sweden

Air Freight to Spain

Air Freight to Portugal

Air Freight to Poland

Air Freight to Norway

Air Freight to Malta

Air Freight to Italy

Air Freight to Hungary

Air Freight to Holland

Air Freight to Germany

Air Freight to France

Air Freight to Finland

Air Freight to Denmark

Air Freight to Czech Republic

Air Freight to Cyprus

Air Freight to the Canaries

Air Freight to Belgium

Air Freight to Austria

Container Shipping to Malta

Container Shipping to Cyprus

Container Shipping to Canaries

Sea Freight to Malta

Sea Freight to Cyprus

Sea Freight to Canaries

Exporting to Sweden

Exporting to Switzerland

Exporting to Spain

Exporting to Portugal

Exporting to Poland

Exporting to Norway

Exporting to Malta

Exporting to Italy

Exporting to Hungary

Exporting to Holland

Exporting to Germany

Exporting to France

Exporting to Finland

Exporting to Denmark

Exporting to Czech Republic

Exporting to Cyprus

Exporting to Canaries

Exporting to Belgium

Exporting to Austria

Excess Luggage to Spain

Excess Luggage to Portugal

Excess Luggage to Poland

Excess Luggage to Italy

Excess Luggage to Hungary

Excess Luggage to Holland

Excess Luggage to Germany

Excess Luggage to France

Excess Luggage to Finland

Excess Luggage to Denmark

Excess Luggage to Czech Republic

Excess Luggage to Cyprus

Excess Luggage to Canaries

Excess Luggage to Belgium

Excess Luggage to Austria

Cargo to Malta

Cargo to Cyprus

Cargo to Canaries

Cargo to Switzerland

Cargo to Sweden

Cargo to Spain

Cargo to Portugal

Cargo to Poland

Cargo to Norway

Cargo to Italy

Cargo to Hungary

Cargo to Holland

Cargo to Germany

Cargo to France

Cargo to Finland

Cargo to Denmark

Cargo to Czech Republic

Cargo to Belgium

Cargo to Austria

Motorcycle Shipping to Czech Republic

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