International household furniture removals

Are you planning to relocate abroad and looking for a reliable removal company to handle your precious household furniture, antiques, or art pieces? Look no further than our expert international removals services. We create a personalised shipping plan for each client, utilising the most cost-effective and secure transportation methods such as air, sea, or land freight. Trust us to handle your move with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Household furniture and antique international removals

Rapid Shipping is a trusted name in the removals industry, particularly when it comes to art and antiques. We are known for our expertise in shipping these delicate items safely to overseas destinations. What sets us apart is our careful attention to detail when packing your precious items. We take great care to pack all items at your premises to ensure safe transit. To provide additional protection, most items are then packed into foam-lined wooden shipping cases. Even smaller pieces are not overlooked and are first packed into triple-strength export boxes which are then packed out with Styrofoam chips.

Rapid Shipping also understands the value of precious metals such as silver and ensures that they are not tarnished during the removal process by using acid-free tissue paper. You can trust Rapid Shipping to handle your valuable household furniture with the same level of care and attention.

Why choose Rapid Shipping for international removals?

Expert packing services

We are pleased to offer a complete packing service provided by our dedicated export packing teams. Our team will expertly pack all smaller items into export-strength boxes and wrap all furniture using our market-leading furniture export-wrapping blankets. For those with smaller shipments, we also offer a ‘self-packed’ service to help reduce the overall cost of removals. If you are considering packing your items, please refer to our helpful guide to packing your goods for international removals.

Insurance cover

To ensure peace of mind, we provide comprehensive Marine Transit insurance to protect your furniture and effects from the day of collection until the final delivery at your residence. If you are working on a tight budget, we also offer a ‘loss and theft’ insurance cover that can help save you money.

Bespoke transportation services

Since every international removal is unique, we recommend that you contact one of our helpful international removal consultants in advance to discuss your specific requirements. This will allow us to provide a tailored quotation that meets your exact needs. Our knowledgeable consultants will guide you through every aspect of your move, from the day we collect from your residence until the moment your possessions are delivered to your new home overseas.

They will also advise you on packing needs, transit times, local customs requirements, and more. Contact our team on 0845 009 6428 for further information.

Law and regulations expertise

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to shipping goods overseas and we take pride in ensuring our clients’ deliveries meet all local laws and regulations. Our team will advise you on customs import requirements well in advance, so you can rest easy knowing your shipment won’t encounter any unexpected obstacles during transportation.

Delivery services

We understand that moving overseas can be a stressful experience, which is why we want to make things as easy as possible for you. Our commitment to providing exceptional overseas shipping services doesn’t end when your goods arrive at the delivery point. We’re happy to go the extra mile by transporting your goods right to your front door, so you can enjoy a hassle-free move. And if you need any additional help, we can even unwrap your goods for you and dispose of the packaging once we’re finished.

Of course, if you prefer to take care of the port-to-door delivery yourself, you’re more than welcome to use our storage services to keep your goods safe until you’re ready to bring them home. Our goal is to make your move as seamless and stress-free as possible, so you can focus on settling into your new home.

Safe and secure shipping of household furniture and antiques with Rapid Shipping UK

We are market leaders in international removals, so you know your household furniture and antiques are in safe hands. Simply choose the option to suit your needs, get an online quote, or call one of our freight forwarding experts at 0845 009 6437. We are here to help.

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Frequently asked questions

Can you assist with both residential and corporate international removals?

Our international removal services cater to both residential and corporate clients, providing tailored solutions for households and businesses embarking on international relocations.

What items can I move with your international removal services?

Our international removal services accommodate a wide range of items, including furniture, personal belongings, electronics, vehicles, and more. We offer specialised packaging and handling to ensure the safe transport of your possessions.

What are international removal services, and how do they differ from regular freight shipping?

International removal services specialise in relocating personal belongings and household items across borders, ensuring a smooth transition for individuals and families. Unlike regular freight shipping, these services focus on the unique requirements of personal relocations.

How do your international removal services handle customs and paperwork for moving to a different country?

Our international removal experts manage all customs procedures, ensuring accurate documentation and compliance with destination country regulations. We navigate the complexities to ensure a hassle-free process for your international move.

How can I keep track of my belongings during the international removal process?

Our advanced tracking system allows you to monitor the status of your belongings throughout the international removal process. Upon booking, you’ll receive a tracking number that provides real-time updates on the location and status of your items.