Rapid Shipping offers exporting services from the UK to worldwide destinations. Our team of dedicated experts is on hand to advise you on all aspects of your overseas export requirements.

  • Air, Road and Ocean Freight Transport
  • Specialist Exporting to North America and the Middle East
  • Hassle-free Transport of Personal or Commercial Goods to Your Destination Country

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Commercial Shipping by Freight

We are experts in commercial freight exporting. Whether your commercial shipment is manufactured goods, raw materials, or sales samples, we have a commercial freight transport solution to match your requirements.

We offer same-day and next-day collection throughout the UK, with daily departures for most major destinations.
You can choose to send high-priority exports by air freight. Road or sea freight shipping is mainly for larger or lower-priority consignments.
We have access to all major global air and shipping lines and can therefore offer you a choice of commercial shipping options to best suit your timeframe and budget.
We can supply and assist with the completion of all required export documentation and customs procedures, including certificates of origin, commercial shipping invoices and letters of credit.

For more information and an instant quote for our export services, please complete the shipment quote request box on the right-hand side of the page, or call our commercial shipping team on 01604 926201.

Worldwide Exporting Services With Secure Containers

For most destinations, container shipping by sea offers the best combination of cost and convenience. Goods are loaded directly into a shipping container at the collection address and the loaded container is then transported directly by road to the UK port for export. Shipments of household goods and personal effects can be packed and loaded into the container by our specialist packing teams, if required.
At the destination, the shipping container is customs-cleared and delivered by road to the final delivery point for unloading. Shipments of household goods can be unloaded and unpacked by our specialist removal and packing teams.
For more information on a specific destination, please choose one of the options on the right-hand side of the page. If you would prefer to speak with one of our export consultants to discuss your exact requirements, then either complete the shipping quote request box or call us on 01604 926201.

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Getting Your Goods Safely From A to B With Our Freight Transport

Our dedicated freight transport services are designed to ensure the secure and reliable delivery of your cargo, whether it’s across town or across the globe. With a strong focus on safety and quality, our experienced exporting team and well-maintained equipment guarantee that your valuable freight arrives from its country of origin in perfect condition.

UK Export Services for Households and Furniture

For customers exporting furniture or household goods, we offer a choice of exporting services, from just a couple of boxes sent as excess baggage to full door-to-door household removal.

We supply free shipping boxes and bubble wrap and for larger shipments or those with furniture, we can offer a full export packing service.
Our free in-home assessment means we can provide a quotation tailored to your exact export requirements and budget.
We offer full marine transit insurance to protect your treasured possessions during transit and we can store your goods in the UK and then ship them to coincide with your arrival in your new country.

For a free in-home assessment or to discuss our UK export services in more detail, please complete the shipping quote request box or call us at 01604 926201.

Motorcycle and Car Exporting From the UK

We offer worldwide exports of cars and motorcycles, either collected directly from your residence or delivered to our depot. For cars, boats and commercial vehicles, we also offer a roll-on, roll-off option, directly from port to port. At the destination, we offer a choice between collection directly from the port of arrival or delivery directly to your overseas address.
Cars sent by export shipping container may also be loaded with your personal effects if you require them; we offer free boxes and bubble wrap for these.
For an instant, no-obligation car export quote, please contact one of our car shipping team members on 01604 926201 or complete the car exporting services quote request form on the right-hand side of this page.

UK Export Services for Art and Antiques

We specialise in the worldwide export of antiques and fine art. Our expert fine art packers have years of experience packing extremely delicate furniture and artwork and carry an extensive range of specialist packing materials for every type of work. Our in-house case makers can manufacture high protective crates for all items and comprehensive transit insurance gives peace of mind for you and your customers.
We can assist with all necessary export documentation, including CITES and LAPADA certificates, where required. We can even deal directly with your overseas client, leaving you with nothing to do except make goods available at your premises for packing.
All art and antique exports are individual in their nature and we would need to discuss your exact requirements in detail in order to provide the correct export service costs.
To speak to one of our art shipping team members, please call us at 01604 926201 or complete the Quote Request form in the top-right corner of any page.

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Experts in International Export Services

Whether you’re exporting goods or moving to a new home, Rapid Shipping is your ideal freight service provider. We provide extensive personal or commercial export services, ensuring that you have all your bases covered. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a solution for a wide range of instances, such as moving your home across the world or providing safe freight delivery of commercial goods.

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Exporting Services FAQs

What are the customs requirements for freight transport?

Customs requirements for exporting services vary depending on the importing country, modes of transport, and the type of cargo being transported. Importing countries typically have specific regulations and documentation requirements that must be adhered to, such as import permits, customs declarations, and tariffs. Modes of transport, including road, air, sea, and rail, also come with their own set of customs procedures and inspections. Haulage, which involves the movement of goods by road, requires compliance with weight restrictions, safety standards, and potentially the payment of road tolls or excise taxes. It’s crucial for businesses engaged in freight transport to stay informed about the specific customs requirements applicable to their operations in order to ensure smooth and compliant transport.

What are the transportation costs?

These costs can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the mode of transportation (such as road, air or sea), the distance travelled, the weight and volume of your cargo, and any additional services required. Please contact us for a tailored quote or more details about our exporting services.

Do you carry out exporting to the United States?

Rapid Shipping offers extensive personal and commercial export services to suit your needs, covering a large area, including the United States of America and the rest of North America. Contact our team for a quote today.

What is an export declaration and when do I need it?

An export declaration, sometimes called a customs declaration, is a document you have to fill out when you’re sending items out of a country. This declaration helps customs authorities make sure everyone’s following the rules for international trade, figure out the right taxes and fees, and keep track of how things move across borders.

What is the cost of exporting a car from the UK to Australia?

Exporting a car from the UK to Australia will vary in cost, depending on a number of factors. Here at Rapid Shipping, we regularly send vehicles, including cars and motorbikes, to Australia. The most cost-effective solution is roll-on roll-off car shipping, where your car is delivered directly to the loading port and driven onto the vessel. We also offer container car shipping and air freight cars.

Do your export services ship to China?

Yes, our export service does ship to China. Contact us for a tailored quote today!