Excess Luggage

Need to ship excess luggage? We ship boxes, bags, suitcases and other small items with our excess luggage service. We offer free shipping boxes, nationwide collection and door-to-door delivery.

Our many years experience of shipping excess luggage means we can handle all aspects of customs clearance and deliver your boxes directly to your new home

Free Shipping Boxes

We supply free shipping boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape, delivered directly to your door the next working day. We stock a range of export strength boxes to suit various items and can supply plywood shipping cases for items such as televisions or paintings.

We will also supply a blank packing inventory for you to list the contents of your boxes. This is essential for customs when your shipping boxes arrive overseas.

For a small extra charge, we can send one of our expert packing teams to your home to pack your boxes and write your packing list for you.

Next Day Collection

We offer free next day collection of your shipping boxes, bags and suitcases. You may also send any other small items which can be lifted by one man. (If you need to ship furniture or other larger items then please look at our International Removals service.) Your excess luggage will be returned to our depot for immediate shipping.

We also offer collection service from any address within the European Union. Please note that for collections from mainland Europe require 2 days notice.

Air, Sea and Road Shipping

For quickest transit choose our air freight option. Your boxes will be dispatched immediately for travel on the next available flight. We have access to all major airlines for maximum flight availability. Excess luggage sent by air freight can either be delivered directly to your new home or left at the airport for you to collect, saving you money.

Larger or less urgent shipments can be sent by our sea or road freight service. Your boxes and excess luggage will be shipped in a large shipping container along with other customers shipping boxes overseas. At destination, our local partner will deliver your boxes directly to your new home.

Free UK Storage

Most countries require you to be present when your excess luggage and shipping boxes arrive. If you are travelling prior to arriving overseas, we can offer up to one month of free UK storage before shipping your luggage from the UK.

We can also offer extremely competitive rates for long term storage of your boxes before shipping.

Our worldwide network of overseas partners can also store your shipping boxes if you need time to arrange a new place to live.

Luggage Shipping Costs

The cost of sending luggage from the UK overseas will depend on the size of the shipment and whether it is sent by air, sea or road freight. If you are sending boxes by airfreight then the price will also be affected by the overall weight of your boxes.

For boxes sent by sea freight we offer a per-box price so you will be able to calculate the exact shipping costs as you are packing your boxes.

For luggage sent by airfreight, the price will depend on the size and weight of your consignment. Please see our guide to calculating airfreight costs for more information about how these charges are worked out.

For an instant quote for your excess luggage please call us on 01604 926201 or complete the quote request form in the top right corner of this page.