Cargo to Norway

If you need to ship cargo UK to Norway, we have the solution for you. Rapid Shipping are a UK leader in cargo forwarding to Norway. With a comprehensive range of carriers and routes we offer both road cargo and air cargo services.  From a single pallet to a full 40 foot road trailer or more – we can handle all types of cargo including dangerous goods, personal effects and cars.

Whether you are a regular shipper or first time exporter looking to expand your market overseas we can offer guidance and support for all types of commercial cargo to Norway. Working closely with your buyer, we will ensure that everything is handled smoothly with minimum hassle for buyer or seller. Our network of delivery depots throughout Norway mean we can quickly handle local storage requests or other additional work upon delivery. Our detailed knowledge of  Norway import regulations mean that we can assist with any aspect of customs requirements.

For more information about cargo shipping to Norway, call us on  01604 926201 or complete the quote request form on this page.

Air Cargo to Norway

Our air cargo to Norway is a daily service from all major UK airports. Nationwide next-day collection, or even same day when delivery to Norway is extremely time critical.

We offer both door-to-airport and door-to-door air cargo and handle all types of air cargo including dangerous goods and household or personal effects. With our door-to-door air cargo service we will handle customs clearance in Norway and deliver your cargo directly to the recipient.

All air cargo is subject to security screening. Our network of customs approved screening depots at major airports mean we can get your air cargo on board an aircraft quickly – meaning quicker delivery.

We provide comprehensive transit insurance to protect your goods during air cargo and can arrange cargo storage in the UK or Norway.

For air cargo shipments consisting of more than one or two boxes we recommend goods are sent on a pallet to Norway. This ensures that all items travel together and keeps customs clearance time to a minimum when your cargo arrives in Norway. If you are not able to air cargo your goods on a pallet then our expert packing team can do this for you when goods are received at our depot.

For more information about our air cargo service please contact one of our cargo team on 01604 926201 or complete the quote request form.

Road Cargo to Norway

Our road cargo to Norway service offers daily departures and a choice of either part-load or full-load options.

For part load road cargo we can collect your cargo directly from your premises with our nationwide next-day collection service. Alternatively, deliver your cargo directly to one of our receiving depots throughout the UK. For part load road cargo, goods should be packed onto wooden pallets or into plywood shipping cases. For loose shipments we offer a full palletising service, either at your depot or at our receiving warehouse prior to shipment.

For full load road cargo to Norway, we will generally deliver an empty truck to your premises for you to pack and load. If this is not possible then we can receive goods at our warehouse and load into a vehicle on your behalf.

Regardless of whether goods are sent as a part-load or full-load shipment, delivery to Norway will be direct to the recipient’s premises. We can arrange delivery using tail-lift vehicles where goods are heavy and there is no lifting equipment.

We can arrange comprehensive marine transit insurance to protect against all risks during transit and offer storage both in UK and in Norway.

To discuss your requirements for road cargo shipping please call one of our team on 01604 926201 or complete the get a quote box and we will contact you directly.

Cargo Cost from UK to Norway

Cargo costs to Norway will depend on the size and weight of the consignment and the choice between air cargo and road cargo. For small shipments which do not fill a whole pallet aircargo will often work out cheaper – particularly if  sending cargo on a door-to-door basis. For larger shipments, road cargo is better value at the expense of a longer transit time. For very large shipments a dedicated vehicle may prove best value.

To enable us to accurately calculate your cargo cost to Norway, we will need to know the length, width, height and weight of each item being shipped. If  goods are  being sent on pallets or in cases then the measurements of these should be supplied.

If you do not have exact dimensions and weights then we can provide an estimated cargo cost to Norway which we will adjust when exact specifications are known.

To get a quote for cargo costs to Norway please complete the quote request form on this page or call our team on 01604 926201.

Cargo Time from UK to Norway

The cargo time to Norway depends on whether goods are being sent by air cargo or road cargo.

Goods sent air cargo to Norway will take around 1 day with daily departures from major UK airports.

Road cargo to Norway takes around 1 day for goods sent in a dedicated vehicle. Part load cargo to Norway takes around 1 week depending upon exact road cargo timetable. Part load transit times are not guaranteed in advance so we recommend you check our cargo schedule when booking – particularly if delivery time in Norway is critical to your cargo.

Like most destinations, cargo to Norway is subject to customs inspection and clearance. The exact time taken for cargo delivery in Norway will always depend upon the time taken at customs. As a general rule customs clearance for air cargo to Norway will be completed within 1 day. For road cargo, customs clearance would usually be complete within 2 – 3 days.

To discuss your exact requirements for cargo UK to Norway please call our cargo team on 01604 926201.