How do I get a quote for my overseas removal?

Contact us using the quote request on the right hand side of this page, or call us on 01604 926201. One of our removals consultants will discuss your initial requirements and if necessary arrange for one of our surveyors to visit your property to carry out a pre-move assessment. Our survey is free of charge and without obligation.

At the time of the survey our representative will calculate packing, loading and shipping requirements – as well as noting any special considerations such as parking, specialist lifting equipment etc.  and discuss your individual needs for moving day. They will be able to answer any questions you may have about any stage of the moving process.

Following our surveyors visit we will send you a full written quotation and a detailed summary of your agreed moving plan.

For smaller shipments or customers needing to move very quickly, we can provide a quote based on a detailed your list of items.

Can my goods be stored prior to shipping?

Yes. We can offer storage at our secure UK facility prior to shipping, or at our local partner’s depot at destination. Customs authorities in many countries require the owner of the goods to arrive in the country before their goods.  We can store your goods and release them to coincide as closely as possible with your arrival if needed. Our storage charges will be clearly detailed in our quotation.

Are there any goods I cannot send?

There are certain dangerous items that we cannot ship. These include explosive/flammable materials (aerosols, gas canisters etc), toxic or poisonous substances and waste items.

Some countries restrict what items can be included under the definition of a personal or household goods shipment. These restricted items frequently include alcohol, tobacco, new goods but vary by destination. Please check our specific import guide for your country of destination or speak directly to one of our removals consultants for advice.

Do I need to empty cupboards and drawers?

Our crew will remove items from cupboards and drawers in order to pack them. We do not generally pack furniture with items remaining in the drawers as this can place unnecessary strain on the joints during transit. However, where budget dictates packing as tightly as possible we can place large lightweight items such as duvets, blanket etc in drawers if preferred.

What documentation will I need to supply?

We will need a copy of the photo page of your passport, plus any relevant visa/work permit. This can be scanned and sent to us by email if required. In some countries you may also need to complete a customs form or supply a letter from your new employer confirming details of your employment. Please check our import guides for your specific destination or speak to your move coordinator for more information.

How long will it take for my goods to arrive?

Our international removals quotation will outline the transit time. This is the time it will take for the goods to travel from your door to the arrival port at destination. The time taken for customs clearance and delivery will depend upon customs procedures in the destination country and cannot be directly controlled by Rapid Shipping. However, it is usually complete and the goods ready for delivery within a week.

Can you insure my goods during removal?

Yes! We offer ‘all risks’ marine transit insurance to all of our customers. Costs will be detailed in your overseas removal quotation. Our insurance gives you the peace of mind that in the unlikely event of a breakage, you will fully compensated for a repair or replacement.

Can I send some urgent items more quickly?

Yes. For urgent items such as clothes, baby goods, work necessities etc, we can send some of your items by airfreight. Our crew will pack these items at the same time as your international removal but they will be returned to our depot and securely banded to wooden pallets then transferred to the airport for commercial airfreight to the destination airport. Our local partner will then arrange rapid customs clearance and deliver to your new home or office.

You should note that there are additional restrictions for airfreight shipments which do not apply to goods sent by sea or road. For example you may not include any lithium-ion batteries. For specific guidance please speak to your dedicated removal coordinator.

Will there be extra charges when my shipment arrives?

Generally there will not be any additional charges to pay at destination. Almost all countries in the world allow you to import your used household goods free from duty and tax, providing they form part of a bona-fide international relocation.

In some cases, customs may decide to undertake an examination of your shipment. This is performed on a random basis and will be charged at the rate imposed by local customs.

Should your shipment contain any prohibited items there may be additional customs fines or charges to have these removed and destroyed, so please make sure you carefully read our destination import guide for your specific destination.

What happens on delivery day?

Our local partner will deliver your goods to your residence on the pre-agreed date. They will have a copy of the packing inventory that our crew prepared on collection day. All goods will be checked off against the packing list as they are delivered into the property. All items will be placed in the correct room according to your requirements. Furniture items will be unpacked and the debris removed. Boxes can be unpacked onto a flat surface, or left for you to unpack at your own convenience. Our crew will not normally place items back into cupboards and drawers – although this service can be arranged for a small extra charge if required.