Export Packing

Export packing furniture and household goods
Our professional export packing teams will pack all items from books and CDs to pianos and safes – and everything in between. They come equipped with a full range of boxes and market leading packing materials. All small items will be packed into triple walled boxes. Smaller boxes for heavier items such as books and records, larger boxes for lightweight items such as linen and shoes. Fragile items such as china and glassware will be individually wrapped in white tissue and packed into cartons stuffed with paper to keep them apart. Clothing will be laid into ‘lay flat’ cartons while hanging garments can be hung in our upright wardrobe boxes. Furniture items will be covered with sheets of cardboard then wrapped in our super strong 6-ply paper blankets. Particularly fragile items such as glass furniture, canvas paintings and large televisions will then be placed into custom made plywood cases for additional protection.

As each item is packed a numbered label is applied to the exterior. Our crew will then write a numbered packing inventory detailing contents of all packages. A copy of the packing list will be left with you and further copies will accompany your shipment for customs purposes.

At destination our crew will check all packages against the packing list and place items into the correct rooms. Wrapping paper and card will be removed from all furniture and taken away. Boxes will be unpacked and the items placed onto a flat surface. If necessary we can arrange ‘maid service’ where boxed items will be placed into cupboards and drawers. Once unpacking is complete all rubbish will be removed from your property for recycling. All our packaging is made from 100% recyclable materials.

Palletising & Case making

We can palletise and shrink wrap loose cargo at our depot prior to shipping. We stock standard UK (120 x 100cm) and double width (240 x 100cm) pallets and can manufacture custom pallets to any size required. Goods will be stacked onto pallets and securely shrink-wrapped onto the base using black wrapping to ensure the contents of your pallets are invisible to prying eyes. The shrink wrapped pallets are then labelled on all four sides ready for transit.

We supply plywood shipping cases for fragile consignments and can either construct at our depot or deliver empty to your premises for packing. If necessary our specialist casing team can arrange to construct cases at your own premises for ultimate protection. For goods being exported for sale we can arrange to stencil your company logo onto the exterior of the case for a professional appearance.