How do I get a quote for shipping my excess luggage?

Either complete the quick form in the top right corner of this page, or call one of our excess baggage shipping experts on 01604 926201.

One of our team will discuss your requirements and provide an instant quotation which will be sent to you by email.

How are baggage shipping costs calculated?

For shipments being sent by sea or road, all of our prices are based on a ‘per box’ basis. This will enable you to see the exact cost of your shipment if you add or remove any items. For items which are not packed into our standard boxes (eg your own boxes, bags or suitcases) we will charge you based on the overall size of your consignment relative to our standard boxes. So if you ship 4 of your own boxes, but they are equivalent in size to two of our boxes, you will only pay for 2 boxes.

Excess luggage sent by air is charged on a combination of the size and weight. Volume weight is determined by multiplying the length, width and height of the item in centimeters and dividing by 6000. The shipment is then charged based on either the volume weight, or the physical weight of the items (sometimes called the dead weight) – whichever is greater.

Will you supply packing boxes?

All of our quotations include FREE supply of unlimited packing boxes, bubble wrap and packing tape. These will be delivered to you by our next-day courier service.

Some items are best shipped by packing into plywood transit cases (televisions, large pictures/mirrors etc). There will be an additional charge if these items are required.

How much notice do you need to collect my goods?

We offer next-day collection throughout the UK. If you are in London or the home counties we can collect same day if you contact us before 10am.

If you have more than 10 items to collect we may occasionally require 2 days notice.

Can you insure my goods during transit?

Yes. We offer a choice of either all-risks or ‘loss & theft only’ cover. All-risks cover includes cover for any damage caused to goods within the boxes. You will need to complete our Marine Insurance proposal form and hand it to our driver at the time of collection.

Please note that certain items such as televisions, large pictures/mirrors etc, must be packed into plywood cases if you wish to insure them against damage. Our baggage shipping staff will be able to give specific guidance for these items.

Can you store my goods before shipping?

Yes. We offer all baggage shipping customers up to four weeks free storage in the UK. Many countries require you to be present when your goods arrive, so if you are travelling we can release your goods for shipment to coincide as closely as possible with your arrival.

If you have chosen to insure your goods during transit then this insurance will need to be extended to cover periods in storage.

Can you send my boxes by airfreight?

Yes. We have contracts with all major airlines with daily departures from Heathrow and Gatwick. Your excess baggage will be securely shrink-wrapped onto wooden pallets and transferred directly to the airport for shipment on the first available flight.

Please note that shipments sent by air are subject to x-ray security screening, and that certain items cannot be sent by airfreight.

What happens at destination?

If you have chosen our ‘door to door’ option then our local partner will contact you shortly before your items arrive at the port or airport. In some countries you may be asked to complete a customs form before the goods arrive. Once the goods have arrived at the port or airport they will arrange customs clearance on your behalf and then deliver directly to your home or work.

If you have chosen our ‘door to port’ service then the shipping line or airline will contact you directly to inform you that the goods will be arriving. It will be your responsibility to collect the goods when they arrive and handle any customs import formalities.